About Koe'sister

When shared with family and friends, food transcends beyond its textbook definition. Smells, flavours and preparation are connected to family history - passed down from one generation to the next through storytelling. Across social statuses and racial lines, every family has a recipe (or two) that they cherish. Family recipes tell a story. They connect you to people or places… or memories.


The concept for a recipe story book originated from a
Facebook community page called Lockdown Recipe
Storytelling Book


But then things took an interesting turn…

What started out as a call for family recipes turned into a platform where people shared the heritage stories behind each recipe. The stories emulated pride; memories of a time long, long ago; some filled with pain, others joy. 

As a result, Koe'sister was born. A spin-off of Mosadi Online, the quarterly magazine published by Mikateko Media will be complemented by a special edition hard cover book just in time
for Christmas 2020!

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